What Is It Like To Have Bipolar Disorder? (Fear and Paranoia, Part 9)

fear and paranoia picLast post on http://www.SoBipolar.com we focused on the depressive symptom of low energy, now moving onto…

 Fear and Paranoia

Do you ever think that someone has it out for you? Maybe you think that someone is trying to break up your relationship. Perhaps your suspicions are well-founded, but perhaps your distrust is unreasonable and downright delusional.

What I am referring to is paranoia, or the exaggerated fear or suspicion of others.

Suppose a person with bipolar disorder is admitted to a psychiatric hospital. The patient firmly believes the hospital staff is trying to poison her. She is suspicious of anyone who tells her that she needs medication, because she thinks she is okay. Everyone else is out to get her.  She thinks the nurses are gossiping and laughing about her behind her back.  She might even think that her room is tapped.

The above scenario happens more often than not, I’m sure. It seems to be a theme I have noticed that people with bipolar think they’re okay and everyone is out to ruin their life. It is very difficult to help someone with paranoia because there’s no making sense to someone who doesn’t make sense herself.

Do you have bipolar and relate to this? Or have you worked with a loved one who suffered from paranoia?

Next post we will discuss the depressive symptom of isolation.

** As always, please remember, I am not a doctor. Just a so bipolar lady with a computer. So if you suspect you or someone you know has bipolar disorder, always consult with your physician or psychiatrist first.

I am so bipolar, and unashamed.

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