Bipolar: When Someone Hurts You

IMG_2454Anger can be a monumental bipolar trigger. When someone wrongs you, whether it be lying, cheating, hurtful words, breaking of trust, or unkindness. These are all circumstances that can trigger massive bipolar manic and depressive episodes.

We can respond in three ways: depression, mania, indifference. I personally am usually triggered straight to hyper-mania or mania and block the stressor out so much that I become cold to the world. I create a shell around myself, unable to be cracked by anyone or anything.

I am accustomed to coping with depression that sometimes the anger feels like a welcome escape. At least I feel alive instead of the dead feeling that comes with depression. At times, I will hold onto that anger like a dog with a bone. Not wanting to create a vulnerability which will inevitably induce a depression once again. A kind of defense mechanism I suppose.

How can we reshape the mania or depression in a healthy way? I wish I had a clear cut answer. However, bipolar or not, forgiveness and moving on are eminently difficult for most.

Personally, I turn to prayer, serving others, or putting my excess energy or anger toward physical activities. Focusing my mind and body on anything other than my problems helps immensely.

What are tools or tactics you use to reign in bipolar triggers?

5 thoughts on “Bipolar: When Someone Hurts You

  1. To cope with triggers I find yoga helps and prayer and mindfullness, which for me is to concentrate as fully as I can on what I’m doing to block out unwanted thoughts

    1. Thanks for sharing your coping tools. I’ve only done yoga a few times. I find it really difficult to focus when my mind is racing and my body is experiencing a ton of excess energy. So many people love yoga for mindfulness, so perhaps I should give it another go 😉 Thanks again!

  2. I replied to an earlier blog and this one fits too. I play video games to help cope but at times when someone is nice to me I immediately seek their friendship. A recent trigger was someone who asked how I as doing, knew when I was down just by how I acted and understood because of her issues. All of a sudden they withdrew and said I was being weird. That rejectment without explanation immediately triggered panic sadness and then anger. Severe depression and suicidal thoughts and feelings of worthlessness have overwhelmed me the last few days which led me to stay at my grandmothers just to be alone and recharge. It helped some but today your blog has helped even more.

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