Want a So Bipolar T-shirt?


If you are #unashamed of having bipolar, then I will mail one of these shirts to you. My husband and I have worn our So Bipolar t-shirts multiple times, and we have to say, we’ve gotten quite a few stares. I don’t know if they’re stares of intrigue, fear, or inspiration. Whatever they are, we’ve got people thinking about mental health.

Go to the www.SoBipolar.com blog, under the shop tab, where you can get these shirts and start the conversation on bipolar. I would love to hear any of the responses you get while wearing your shirt. Or just snuggle up in bed, on a depressed day, while wearing your comfy So Bipolar t-shirt.


One thought on “Want a So Bipolar T-shirt?

  1. Are you still doing this? And start the conversation where?!

    I will not be one of the ones who lets people assume they have any idea what this mental disorder is. Being a nurse makes it easier for me to understand. Doesn’t make it easier for me to accept. But given the fact I was finally diagnosed just 3 days ago. I would say I’m taking it well.
    And I am NOT ASHAMED to not be bipolar, but to have bipolar disorder type 1.
    This will not define me nor will it control my life. I know I don’t have complete control. And that scares me. But with the support I do have, I’m not alone and I will live the life I imagined. This small hiccup in my life will not define me!!
    #notashamed #bipolardoesnotdefineme

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