Bipolar & Denial

Just a friendly reminder that it’s okay to laugh at ourselves, even if we have some somewhat embarrassing moments during manic episodes.

5 thoughts on “Bipolar & Denial

  1. I “knew” for about 4 years that I had bipolar but did nothing about it (denial) and waited for a “something HAS to be done” moment to get help. It really humbled me and now there’s no denying it. I would love to ride off on that unicorn, though. 😉

    1. Hahaha, yea the unicorn can sometimes not always be glitter and rainbows! Also, I think sooo many people wait for that “something has to be done moment.” Sometimes that is just what it takes :).

  2. I have had BAD depression before to the point of requiring 19 ECT’s and meds to come out of it. My psych wrote back in 2015 that she thought I was bipolar II, but never said anything. I got really sick in July of this year and could not keep anything in my intestines for 6 weeks. Got off all meds, lost 32 pounds and then went MANIC! I thought I was just feeling great off the meds, new body, went insane on the house, vacation, then…………….I had a BIG explosion with my hubby and left to my bff in Vegas, driving straight there! I had time to evaluate things and went home 4 days later.
    Anyways, my weekly group therapist, and then my psych Dr. visit, made me realize my diagnosis IS Bipolar II.
    I am not ashamed for my behavior. It’s my life. It is also hereditary. There are many in my family line that suffer with Mental Illness of some sort, so I have alot of support. That’s my story.
    Today, I am balanced. Tomorrow, who knows, but at least I KNOW what I’m dealing with now and I can try to manage myself better.
    Best wishes to all that suffer.

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