Hope For People Living with Bipolar Disorder

Grandiosity vs. Despair

“I have breast cancer.”

“Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry. I’ll enter a cause for the cure race for you, I’ll pray for you.

“I have celiac disease.”

“That must be so difficult, what foods should I cook for you when you come to my house for dinner?”

“I have bipolar disorder.”

“Oh. Really?” (Pregnant, awkward pause.)

My wish for people with bipolar disorder is for us to be confident and unashamed in telling the world that we have bipolar disorder. God made us this way. It is not something we chose. Whether others understand our disorder or not, that should not take away from how we feel about ourselves. Just as the person with cancer or celiac disease does not feel like less of a person for having their illness. Although it’s in our illness’ very nature to feel this way, let us remind ourselves not to… easier said than done, I know.

For those of you who are reading this blog who do not suffer from bipolar disorder, know that if someone tells you that they have bipolar, that it took A LOT of courage to do so. Secondly, respond to them just as you would if that person told you they had any other illness or disorder. With compassion, understanding, a listening ear, and a “let me know if there is anything I can do for you.”

I am so bipolar, and not ashamed.

6 thoughts on “Hope For People Living with Bipolar Disorder

  1. I’m bipolar and have been on medications the past 15 years. When I was younger I suffered the anxiety, depression and hypomania so much a part of being bipolar. I had no idea that life could actually be “Lived”. Without medication I don’t know where my life would be today.

  2. My heart and prayers goes out to the people who have bipolar disorder with no family support and love.

    1. I couldn’t agree more AC Most. Bipolar disorder is definitely an illness that is so much more difficult without the love and support of a devoted family.

  3. I cannot deal with telling anyone. Only those closest to me know. I wish I could let.my employer and coworkers know but I just can’t do it.

    1. Bp2 I think it’s completely fine if you don’t feel ready to tell other people, do whatever feels right for you. What would it take for you to feel comfortable telling employer and coworkers? Much love to you!

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