You are Loved!

5E48BA8E-BF90-4CCA-8A25-93B743C9BA08It might sound cliche to say “you are loved by God.” But how truly amazing is it that the creator of the entire world and universe loves YOU— for always and forever? I certainly know that I did nothing to deserve that kind of love. And yet, there God is, loving me everyday no matter what I may have messed up. And that is because I am enough for God, always, bipolar and all. I am enough. YOU are enough. Just. As. You. Are.

Bipolar Does Not Mean Bitch

073E0486-E7B7-44F0-8959-C4AB88DEBAE1Do you hear people say things like “that chick is so bipolar” when what they really mean to say is “that chick is a huge bitch.” It is not the “chick” who is ‘so bipolar,’ rather that person is just ‘so uneducated.’

Those kinds of statements make me think that the average person must assume that I am a huge bitch when I say that I have bipolar. I hate that, because it is simply untrue.

I have been lucky enough to get to know thousands of you also carrying the bipolar diagnosis. I feel that I can confidently assure the world that bipolar does not mean bitch. If anything, bipolar means compassionate, loving, understanding, concerned, supportive, strong, capable, awesome, badass! So next time I hear someone say “she is so bipolar,” I will assume what they mean to say is “she is so badass!”

Mental Health is Just as Important as Physical Health

734F3795-E44D-46EA-AE71-C5905BE0BC44.pngIf you had an illness that was slowly making you go blind, would you stop at nothing to save your eyesight? The same motivation should apply to our mental health.

If your current bipolar therapy and/or medications aren’t helping you, then keep searching for what does! Perhaps that means looking for a new doctor or counselor, getting some genetic testing done, visiting a wellness center, or if you’re like me— flying to The Mayo Clinic to get some answers.

Over the past few weeks I have received genetic testing, blood work, brain MRI, 48-hour EEG monitoring, and more than five different doctors’ appointments. All of this so that I can get my mental health stronger. I share this in hopes of inspiring others to stop being complacent when it comes to mental health. If there is never any action on our part, how can we expect to get better?

How do you feel like your bipolar therapies/meds are working for you?

Bipolar and Judgement

5120F8FE-A85B-49CE-AA75-F0DED3A0055E.pngSo much judgement is passed and all any of us wants is to feel loved. My hope is that we stop the judgements and accept others where they are and love them as they are — bipolar or not. But if you find yourself being judged by others, all the control is in your hands. You can choose to let judgements bother you, make you sad and bitter, or you can choose to move past the judgement and love people anyway. I hope we all have the strength and courage to choose the latter.

Will the Bipolar Feelings Ever End?

415A25DF-2257-47BE-86A2-B8DB161944F0Does it ever feel like your bipolar is really living up to its name? When gone is the day of feeling like you are at a baseline mood?

There are times when it feels like bipolar just wants to kick your butt. Whether it gut punches you with depression or slaps you in the face with mania, you’re left feeling defeated.

Sometimes bipolar will continue to slap and punch on you for months, never letting up. Leaving us to wonder: WILL THIS EVER END!? Many times I have asked myself that very question.

Because I have lived with a bipolar diagnosis for over a decade, the one thing I can tell you for certain is that it will end. The only variable is how long it will take. And the only thing we need to do is trust (know), and wait for the tides to change, because they will.

If you’re feeling beat up by bipolar, know that you are not alone, and that you will not feel like this forever.