5 thoughts on “Mental Illness Does Not Discriminate

  1. Another good post. Bipolar does not discriminate for sure. We don’t choose to have this and it is a very real mental illness that causes physical discomfort as well.

    1. The physical discomfort can be unbearable at times as well. It’s too bad we even have to remind others that we did not choose this, just like nobody chooses to have any other kind of illness.

    1. Bipolar can most definitely feel that way at times for me as well. I always remember though how the illness seems to have its own ebb and flow. Some moments ate much better/worse than others. I am so sorry you are feeling that way right now. Much love to you, you’re not alone!

    2. I am so sorry you are feeling that way right now. Many times I find myself feeling that same way. I have to remind myself that bipolar has its own ebb and flow and that sometimes will be better/worse than others. So much love to you, remember you are not alone.

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