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I am so bipolar, and I am unashamed.  This blog is dedicated to those living with bipolar disorder and learning how to live their best lives.  Bringing some order to our disorder.

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Defeat the Stigma

Defeat the stigma. Stronger than the stigma. End the stigma. What is all this chatter about stigma as it relates to mental health? In a nutshell, stigma is shame.   In other words, people with mental health issues have been shamed. They’re shamed for something that they had no choice in, just as a person with … Continue reading Defeat the Stigma

Bipolar and Marriage

Can a marriage thrive with bipolar disorder? Countless people have messaged me this very question.  And in my own humble opinion, I say absolutely, yes. According to a 2003 article, “Managing Bipolar Disorder,” in Psychology Today, 40 percent of all marriages fail in the United States and Canada. The article goes on to indicate that … Continue reading Bipolar and Marriage

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