I am so bipolar, and I am unashamed.  This blog is dedicated to those living with bipolar disorder and learning how to live their best lives.  Bringing some order to our disorder.

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Bipolar & Silence

The fire hydrant of information that exists at our finger tips is drowning us mentally, spiritually, and physically. The unrelenting noise found in internet surfing, texts, emails, television, social media, and podcasts clutters our minds so much that moments of calm, relaxation, and pure silence have ceased to exist in our everyday lives. Underlying bipolar … Continue reading Bipolar & Silence

8 Tips for Communicating with Bipolar

More difficult to find than a cure for bipolar is someone who will listen. Not just hear you, but actually listen. Those of us with bipolar typically have an abundance of thoughts and feelings rolling around in our heads. Releasing those thoughts and feelings can help lighten our burden. As I’m sure you’ve heard, keeping … Continue reading 8 Tips for Communicating with Bipolar

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