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I am so bipolar, and I am unashamed.  This blog is dedicated to those living with bipolar disorder and learning how to live their best lives.  Bringing some order to our disorder.

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Bipolar Meds Hurt!

It’s bedtime, you’re exhausted, but you still need to take your nightly handful of psych meds and vitamins. Instead of taking one or two at a time, you pop the whole handful into your mouth as some kind of challenge. Challenge accepted. As the water hits your lips you panic that maybe, just maybe, you … Continue reading Bipolar Meds Hurt!

Bipolar Overwhelmed

Never knowing which of my brains is going to show up for work in the morning leaves me with constant anxiousness. Today my overwhelmed-can’t-accomplish-anything-no-matter-how-small-brain showed up. Awesome. I want my brain to stop. But it won’t. Sometimes I ask my husband what he is thinking and he says, “nothing.” How nice that must be. I’m … Continue reading Bipolar Overwhelmed

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