You are Loved!

5E48BA8E-BF90-4CCA-8A25-93B743C9BA08It might sound cliche to say “you are loved by God.” But how truly amazing is it that the creator of the entire world and universe loves YOU— for always and forever? I certainly know that I did nothing to deserve that kind of love. And yet, there God is, loving me everyday no matter what I may have messed up. And that is because I am enough for God, always, bipolar and all. I am enough. YOU are enough. Just. As. You. Are.

8 thoughts on “You are Loved!

  1. These comments are blessing. It has been too easy to think that the Creator made a mistake when making me. It has taken me decades to accept that I am truly a creation of the eternal Creator.

    1. I used to think that too; that I was broken in some way. Now I know that God does not make mistakes.💚

  2. Yes,I use to feel broken as well.
    Just this morning I made a list of all the good things I have with bipolar. How it isn’t all bad at all. I have a lot of unique qualities that I wouldn’t have if I were not bipolar.

  3. My husband is bipolar is like I’m living with two different people one day he is loving next day mad I need help to cope with this is not easy I’m trying my best

  4. I feel happy to learn about living with a bipolar person is just be there for them supporting and the key is give love

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