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24A8DF5E-CE8E-42DB-B97F-74C1903D5474What bipolar topics/questions do you want to discuss with others who live with bipolar? Comment below!⬇️💚⬇️💚⬇️💚⬇️💚⬇️💚

18 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Bipolar

  1. Bipolar is painful but yet interesting for me. I wouldn’t change who I am for the world. Just continue my journey of self care and management like I have. Stay strong everyone

  2. How do you manage the role of spouse and mother along with having bipolar disorder? I’m 28 and currently single but I want to have a family one day. I get discouraged because there’s days I can’t even take care of myself never mind taking care of a household…

    1. If you find someone who loves every piece of you, you will be able to be just fine. You will have that friend that will walk the journey with you. I hope you get to find that person and have an awesome family some day!

      1. Do you really think that at this point in my life I can find that love, that one person that can love me despite of this. I feel scared sometimes so scare that i wont be happy.

  3. Ya know, it’s hard. It’s harder for a bipolar individual to make tough life decisions. Staying in a happy fulfilling marriage is a task all in of itself. You love your partner everything they stand for and the next second you are completely questioning their existence in your life. Stay strong and you will get thru this. That’s what the therapists say anyway. Add real life into it and it’s terrifying that you’ll never get stable enough to have a long term relationship. It takes the right person and understanding of what you are going thru to get you thru. He/she is out there keep searching.

  4. What are the best ways to calm down when a bipolar anxiety sets in? I’m curious to see how others face their fears.

  5. I would want to hear about experiences of others with extensive spending during mania and hypomania episodes. How do you stay in control of your finances? I am happily (well, when I am aware of it!) married with two children and really struggling with periodical HEAVY overspending. I have only been correctly medicated for bipolar for over a year and still go through periods of mild mania which I can only recognise by looking back at what and how much I bought or suddenly spent money on in certain periods of time. Like few months back, as it turns out I was again in my ‘saviour of the world’ mode by subscribing to multiple organisations and making donations to several charities coupled with hundreds of social media posts and sudden ethical wardrobe change – I should note that none of which I could afford! Now left with even bigger dent in our budget. I can be really convincing, to the point that my husband often tags a long and support my ideas until I lose interest and all spending I haven’t told him about comes to light. I am really lost, unsure what to do above handing all cards over to him and completely losing control over our finances.

    1. I’ve heard it’s good to have bills come out of a separate account and it’s been helpful to have no credit available to curb spending. Talking about things when you are in a good space and making plans to support you through it. We are at the beginning of the planning/learning this, but I’m excited to see how it works for us.

  6. I’m 24 years old and got diagnosed last year. I found it difficult and still now to see and manage the symptoms. I had to take time off university. But I wonder what the future holds and how bipolar will play out.

  7. I have been married for 38 years, 5 adult kids and 6 grandkids. Most have been through all my bipolar years with me. Easy, absolutely not. I have a loving, supportive husband. It takes a SUPPORTIVE mate.
    Speaking of mania phases and spending money, I completely relate. The year 2017 was a bad one. We’re still recovering from my spending.
    Nonetheless, gotta love us bipolar’s. We try so hard to be understood.
    Peace out.

  8. TL;DR version:

    Is there anything you’d like to share that I could potentially apply the next time I find myself feeling so strongly that the mania or depression is the “real” reality of life?

    Full version:

    When you experience drastic emotional shifts, do you find yourself believing that up until that point you had been completely wrong about how you saw the world, and are suddenly seeing reality for what it is… only to experience the same sense of surety everything is the exact opposite of what you were just so sure of when your moods shift the other direction?

    For example, when I’m at my most manic, I’m suddenly “aware” of my own greatness and potential to the point it could be considered delusional. I believe I have a divine purpose for existing and am only limited by my own doubts and others who hold me back, and I loathe the sentiment there’s anything wrong with me at all; and believe so strongly in myself that it propels me to take bold action and focus intensely at whatever I choose to do. I want to fuck; I want progeny; I want a crown!

    I am an eternal being in a beautiful temporary body who is about to experience an amazing adventure for the rest of this life… and that may just be the beginning!

    Then, when I’m at my most depressed, I’m suddenly “aware” that not only is that all bullshit… really I’m an anomaly who will never find a place in this world. I accept that I suffer from a severe mental illness, accept that I should always be alone and that it would be a mistake to procreate or continue trying to fit in or succeed in any big way.

    I somberly entertain the notion that I’m either cursed or a mistake of evolution, prepare for everyone to leave me and to lose everything I have, and decide that the softer I tread through this cursed existence toward the finish line of death the better.

    Do you experience something along the lines of what I described?
    Are you able to indulge in the best parts of mania, and direct it toward real results without getting carried away to the point you make decisions you will surely regret?
    If so, what helps you accomplish that aim?
    Do you feel a lack of surety as to whether your perspective on reality is ever one worth trusting?


    1. I do feel some of the same feelings expressed, although I am filled with the need to isolate only to go around others when I feel like it despite being invited to join others in socializing, so much to were it’s not as often I’m invited any more. Which has filled my actions to be seen as if I am angry are mad by other looking in.
      So I have been working on putting my feelings out on paper and online to better understand how I feel and how its affecting life for me and my friendship with people in my life.
      I’m allowing myself to be myself and learning to love self and see triggers I may have before emotional changes happen.
      I was lost to why I stayed alone a lot and it’s mostly from feeling not being able to feel I allowed to enjoy life even if I’m sad are scared!
      I am making it a point to walk to breathe fresh air daily even if I am dreading it due to depression are any other emotional issues I have, more 2day with all the things going on in the world . It’s not good for any one that may have emotional events in their head causing feelings of wide range emotional feelings flip flopping to be alone and inside, so as long as I’m safe and not putting others at risk I am at the least doing things out side of the feelings at the time I may feel them to help change how my life will be filled with better healthier choices for me.

  9. I have had the privilege of being a stay at home mom for years, and then a student at the university, but I haven’t had a job in years. I have volunteered a lot, but I usually lose interest. I tend to start projects (during hipomania rush) then I quit. I will need a job once I’m done with school, but I am so afraid I will lose the job by quitting it or by having a bad attitude (if I hit depression). I would have quit school already, if my husband hadn’t helped me stay focused. How do we hold on to a job when our moods and interests and energy shift so easily?

  10. I am also looking for advise on how can I help my wife complete projects? She starts so many and never goes back to them. I feel like I am walking on shells when it comes to offering to help with them. Thanks

  11. hello i am a 46 years old, divorce I have to teenage kids.
    i am so afraid of not finding a partner that could really love me for who I am, and understand me. i am a very sincere person i learned with time that talking less about yourself is always better. But then when i star meeting someone everything is fine until i got an episode, and they don not understand the last guy told me he dod not hug me because i need to be in my galaxy alone, i just lost it because i wanted him to hold me and tell me that everything is going to be fine now i get the it was scarry for him, because i tend to say things that push people away.
    the worst thing he could told me was “you are always going to stay alone because no one in his right mind can love some one like you, you are not normal” he left never a message nothing.
    i dont want to be love by obligation i dream with a love so pure and beautiful that despite me being bipolar (grade 2) i can feel love and be honestly love.

    I cry a lo these days, i have problem sleeping even if i take the pills.
    i lived by. my self for 4 years now. i have periods were i can not manage a budget and when i think about all the mistakes i made with me, with people and with money is terrifying and i feel ashamed.

    I am so happy i found this blog, i lived in Peru and i can not find any support group here.


    1. i am no professional. I don’t know what to say to help you but please hang in there. your true self is the hopes and desires you listed above. we wear different clothes every day make us look different but our true self is always underneath. i hope you will find comfort in your aspirations, desires and goals and not the extremes of bipolar disorder. I think the more we honestly communicate these things, the more people will stop and understand. i’m glad mental illness is starting to get better respect and acceptance.

      1. Thanks for your comment it really help me to stay focus on my goals.
        But some days are harder than others.


  12. Hello, I have bee. Successfully managing my bipolar disorder almost 8 years, a very long road.
    I exsperiance hypo mania and when I do I always think my husband is cheating, everytime. I have l have learned not to voice it because it feeds the beast. I KNOW he loves me for many many reasons. As sick as I can get, he is the type that would just leave if he wasn’t happy and wanted someone else. And God knows I love him.
    Someone please tell me I am not alone with such insecure thoughts!?!?!?

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