Bipolar Does Not Mean Bitch

073E0486-E7B7-44F0-8959-C4AB88DEBAE1Do you hear people say things like “that chick is so bipolar” when what they really mean to say is “that chick is a huge bitch.” It is not the “chick” who is ‘so bipolar,’ rather that person is just ‘so uneducated.’

Those kinds of statements make me think that the average person must assume that I am a huge bitch when I say that I have bipolar. I hate that, because it is simply untrue.

I have been lucky enough to get to know thousands of you also carrying the bipolar diagnosis. I feel that I can confidently assure the world that bipolar does not mean bitch. If anything, bipolar means compassionate, loving, understanding, concerned, supportive, strong, capable, awesome, badass! So next time I hear someone say “she is so bipolar,” I will assume what they mean to say is “she is so badass!”

8 thoughts on “Bipolar Does Not Mean Bitch

  1. I’ve never heard of people thinking of a woman as a bitch because she’s bipolar. I live in a small place where everyone knows everyone. I do find it hard to go out with friends at times,I openly speak about my bipolar I think it tends to scare people away.I have joined local clubs for fitness canoeing kayaking snowshoeing hiking winter summer and have a guides license in the above along with a fishing guides license. I’m 62 years old live alone, have many friends but yet find it hard to get out to do things every day but it’s getting better as people are now asking me to go out with them as they’ve learnt I do have a lot of knowledge to share. Sometimes in a manic state or ou with a new person I get nervous and talk a lot this people do not really like as the communication is too much one sided , while others find me totally hilarious. To me you are no bitch you are a very intelligent out going lady telling it how it really is. Good for you.

    1. You sound to me like you have a beautiful life filled with good friends and good hobbies. 💚. And thank you for your kind words, means a lot to me.

  2. Another good one, Mehri.
    I do not like when others use the word “bipolar,” as if it were something to joke about. I hear it used that way a lot.
    Bitch? I’m sure I have been in a manic episode. I like BADASS better, thank you.

  3. Alison, I don’t like it when people say”oh she’s bipolar” when it comes to the way a person may act either. At work I’ve heard my co workers do this multiple times in conversation in discussing someone they know and it makes me grind my teeth! Such insensitive people! All they have to do is put the shoe on their foot. But they won’t.

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