What Is It Like to Have Bipolar Disorder? (Hypersexuality, Part 6)


Last post on www.sobipolar.com we focused on the manic symptom of irritability and anger, now moving onto…


 Mom and dad, you can stop reading now, as well as anybody who doesn’t care to know about my sexual life!

Perhaps it is my lifetime of Catholic schooling, but I admit that the topic of hypersexuality makes me want to run for the hills. Hypersexuality is a symptom of bipolar disorder that often goes unmentioned, precisely because I think it is embarrassing. This is why I am shining a light on hypersexuality today.

Bipolar hypersexuality could make a hormonal 16 year-old boy blush. Extramarital affairs, dangerous and risky sexual behaviors are all results of hypersexuality.

To put into perspective what I mean by hypersexuality, I will draw upon my own personal experience. Let’s assume the average woman thinks of sex ten times a day. I would guesstimate that when I am in a bipolar hypersexual state of mind that I think of sex close to 300 times in one day, and it is possible to orgasm upwards of twenty times per day.   It feels like my mind and body are completely consumed with all things sexual. Truth-be-told that I am not like this on a regular basis. I would say that I am exactly average in those regards. I personally have had only two hypersexual manic phases in my life, and that is two too many for me.

These sexual thoughts are not thoughts that I would ever normally think of.  I can see how one could easily be inspired to have an extramarital affair if their bipolar manic symptoms are not treated, despite being in an otherwise healthy marriage. It is as if the brain has been replaced by some kind of awful porn re-runs that is only motivated by sex.

For those of you who think that hypersexuality sounds fun or exciting in anyway, I implore you to rethink. I wouldn’t say it is the worst bipolar symptom, but it makes everyday life a considerable challenge. Completing even menial tasks is next to impossible since almost everything makes the manic brain want sex, and want it now.

Hypersexuality can also cause major destruction in relationships for obvious reasons. The manic brain is not a stable brain, therefore it does not think clearly. Thus, when the manic brain thinks it is a good idea to leave family to pursue prostitution, it becomes dangerous and destructive for all involved. These “good” ideas are not something to laugh at. They are usually completely out of character for the person and are a very real problem for some people living with bipolar disorder.

This concludes our six part “exploring mania” series. Next time, we will begin to explore the depressive side of bipolar disorder.

** As always, please remember, I am not a doctor. Just a so bipolar lady with a computer. 😉 So if you suspect you or someone you know has bipolar disorder, always consult with your physician or psychiatrist first.


I’m so bipolar, and unashamed.            



8 thoughts on “What Is It Like to Have Bipolar Disorder? (Hypersexuality, Part 6)

  1. This is completely accurate. I had my first hypersexuality manic stage this past summer, and I would not wish that upon my worst enemy. To this day it is hard to wrap my head around all things I had done. Great article.

    1. Hi Patricia! Thank you very much for taking the time to comment. I’m so sorry that you had to experience hypersexuality, I too would not wish it on my worst enemy. I don’t know about you, but I think that the hardest part of hypersexuality is getting over the strange guilt. The guilt of wondering… was that really “me” or my bipolar? Eventhough my logical brain tells me it is 100% my disorder, I can’t help but worry and wonder if those actions were a result of my true self in someway. I don’t even know if that just made sense to you, but I hope it does 😉 Know that I’m here if you ever need to talk/vent, anything. Or if you have blog topics you wish to be covered 🙂 Much love Patricia!

  2. You save many so much self degenerative thoughts and shame being so honest and open with such sensitive matters. God bless you and lives that find solace. So much of sex is taboo. A recovering alcoholic, or one addicted to any substance abuse canbe comforted by many who have compassion and know when he/she is under the influence. Any sex issue and almost to a person, there is filth and vulgarities and detestable horrid imaginations, so nobody can open up and free themselves. To be honest, as we are, I’m not sure that I could listen in person to sordid details of the effort to sate that gut grinding desire, or even just thoughts that burn, without some impact that most certainly would cause embarrassment to both of us. Hopefully there are sufficient professionals and same gender caregivers/caresharers in communities such as this to be of some comfort. Maybe those experiences can recommend some discipline to redirect that mind blowing energy to something less harmful than potentially damaging sex acts. We can pray. I am pretty rational for online discussion. It’s maybe like the confidentiality of the confessional. I can be objective that way, even knowing names and details necessary to ease the care receiver into freedom. When faced with reality I’ve found that my responses are most often much better than in concept. Sorry to ramble. You are doing so much good, even if only few comment. God bless you

    1. Again, thank you so much for your comment! I love your openness and honesty, it brings me solace as well. You mentioned redirecting high sexual energy into something more positive. Since sex is obviously such a physical symptom it would only make sense to redirect it into a physical activity. Which is why I am such a huge proponent for exercise. Whatever form of exercise you love, pour all that energy into that exercise. I have been known to bust out push-ups or sit-ups until I almost puke late at night just to get rid of that unwanted energy. Whatever works, right?

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