What Is It Like To Have Bipolar Disorder? (Low Energy, Part 8)

lowenergybipolardrinkLast post on http://www.SoBipolar.com we focused on the depressive symptom of crying for no reason, now moving onto…

Low Energy

It is a beautiful day outside; birds chirping, sun shining. Your friends call you to take a hike.  You meet your friends at the base of a mountain.  You love to hike.

The group starts up the mountain, carrying nothing with them other than water bottles for hydration. You notice a large backpack filled with bricks.  It has your name on it.  You are supposed to carry that backpack up the mountain.

You make it one mile up the mountain before the load has taken its toll on you. Your back aches, your legs shake, your breath is short, and worst of all you are not having fun like the rest of your friends.

Your friends are miles ahead of you when one decides to wait up for you. Once you finally reach your friend, he asks why you are so slow.

“Don’t you see this huge backpack of bricks on my back?” you ask. He looks at you strangely and shakes his head, no.

You plead with your friend, “Please help me with these bricks.” Again, your friend has no idea what you are talking about.  You keep hiking, but soon, the mud under your feet has caused you fall flat on your face.  You encourage your friend to go on without you.

There you are, no energy to go on, and confused as to why you have this giant load of bricks to carry around while everyone else has nothing holding them back.

The above description illustrates what depression feels like. The bricks represent the depression, and the mud beneath your feet is the low energy that stops you in your tracks despite your best efforts to live life with depression.  The friend who does not know how to help you is unfortunately the typical reaction society has towards people experiencing depression.  You want to hike and to live life, but the depression and low energy make it as difficult as hiking with a backpack of bricks.

Next post we will discuss the depressive symptom of fear and paranoia.

** As always, please remember, I am not a doctor. Just a so bipolar lady with a computer. So if you suspect you or someone you know has bipolar disorder, always consult with your physician or psychiatrist first.


I am so bipolar, and unashamed.

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4 thoughts on “What Is It Like To Have Bipolar Disorder? (Low Energy, Part 8)

  1. Hi how did you come to realise you were bipolar? I can relate to the pressured speech that you talked about and am curious as to if I may have some form of bipolar. I have been diagnosed with ocd and depression.

    1. Hi Morgan! So you asked how I knew I had bipolar… I was suicidal and had to be hospitalized. I would have weeks of severe depression and weeks of excessive energy and elation. The big indication for my psychologist was that I had many family members already diagnosed with bipolar. Pressured speech is definitely an indication for bipolar. I would bring this concern up to your doctor/psychologist. Bipolar disorder can go undiagnosed or misdiagnosed for a very long time, so best to get to the bottom of it. 🙂 Much love to you, I’m here for you!

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