Bipolar and Marriage

bipolar marriageCan a marriage thrive with bipolar disorder? Countless people have messaged me this very question.  And in my own humble opinion, I say absolutely, yes.

According to a 2003 article, “Managing Bipolar Disorder,” in Psychology Today, 40 percent of all marriages fail in the United States and Canada. The article goes on to indicate that a whopping 90 percent of marriages will fail when involving a spouse with bipolar disorder. So basically, the odds are greatly stacked against us.

Whether you’re married with bipolar disorder or not, you know how difficult marriage can be, but also how amazing. No marriage is without its cross to bear, so to speak. With bipolar disorder it is especially difficult to maintain a healthy relationship because you have all the “regular” marital issues, plus bipolar issues on top of those.

I hate to sound nauseatingly happy-go-lucky about this issue, but I truly believe with hard work from both spouses, a marriage with bipolar cannot only survive but actually thrive.

The subsequent post(s) will include tips that my husband and I use to keep our marriage thriving.

What are your biggest bipolar marriage questions you’d like answered by my husband and I?

I’m so bipolar, and unashamed.

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