Bipolar & the Outdoors

B459C3EA-CB46-4ED9-8891-65BE66B0E593Does anyone else HATE being indoors as much as I do? Being inside is like sitting in a pressure cooker waiting for the lid to explode.

With the freezing winter months almost upon us, I need to dig through my closet for my heavy coat to get ready. I refuse to let the winter take my outdoor time away from me.

This weekend I went for a run and halfway through, a gorgeous tree caught my eye. I lied down to stare at the beautiful fall leaves. I needed that more than I knew. A silent peace, reconnecting with nature did more good for my mood than anything else could have.

If anyone finds me this winter curled up in a sleeping bag staring at the stars in the snow, you’ll know why!


2 thoughts on “Bipolar & the Outdoors

  1. I hate to be indoors also. The older I get, the moor I need to be outdoors. The attachment to nature keeps me balanced.

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