Enjoying Life’s Simple Pleasures

IMG_8688On a scale of ‘one to ten’ how busy have you made your life? Do you have the time to stop and smell the flowers? I think that we were created to regularly stop and smell the flowers; we need to.

In a never-ending world of to-do lists, I find myself putting off life’s simple pleasures, like stopping to smell the flowers. All because I simply do not have the time… or so I think.

Today I was trying to get my daughter back into the car, when she let go of my hand to sit in a patch of grass. All I could think was, ‘are you serious right now? We are in a hurry, get in the car!’ But then I realized how happy she was sitting in the grass, picking these adorable little daisies. She was creating a mini bouquet. So I sat down with her and enjoyed every moment of picking flowers with her, just as I used to as a little girl myself.

As someone who struggles with mental health/bipolar issues, the more I believe it is important to become mindful of taking the time to ‘stop to smells the flowers.’

Yet another example of my children teaching me another valuable life’s lesson ❤️.

I’m so bipolar, and unashamed.

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