Bipolar Meds Hurt!

IMG_9826It’s bedtime, you’re exhausted, but you still need to take your nightly handful of psych meds and vitamins. Instead of taking one or two at a time, you pop the whole handful into your mouth as some kind of challenge.

Challenge accepted. As the water hits your lips you panic that maybe, just maybe, you are being overzealous in your pill swallowing endeavor. But you persevere.

Then, it happens. You feel every pill slowly, painstakingly move through your throat and esophagus as if every pill is a tiny knife cutting its way through.

For the next ten minutes you chug gallons of water to keep them moving. A time-saving idea totally backfired. I will never do that again, you think to yourself… until the next time….

This happens to me way more than I’d like! You?

I’m so bipolar, and unashamed.

One thought on “Bipolar Meds Hurt!

  1. Almost every night it’s 10 and I still have a handful, including the massive osteo-biflex. I’m flying without the depression meds, not so sure I miss them

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