WebMD documentary released!

My husband and I were filmed for a WebMD documentary series.  Our video is called “Married to Bipolar.”  The more we talk about mental health issues, the more people will feel comfortable sharing their own stories.  The more stories are shared, the less stigma will exist.  The less stigma exists, the more people are willing to seek professional help.  All of this means more lives saved from suicide.


10 thoughts on “WebMD documentary released!

  1. So Great you guys. I’ve been married for 35 years and they have been a challenge with Bipolar II, but we continue to work together for my stable life. Real love csn persevere.

  2. Thankyou so much! I studied social work and mental illnesses in college but this was very enlightening! I have family with depression and bipolar and this has helped my understanding, and I hope it will help them too.

    1. Thank you so much for commenting, it makes me feel so happy to know I’ve helped others to come to more understanding of bipolar. Thank you! 💚

    2. My apologies for missing your post from all the way back in August! Regardless of my late response I wanted to thank you for your comment. It warms my heart to know that I helped anyone in the understanding of bipolar. Much love to you!

  3. I was diagnosed with bipolar when I was 16 after I tried to commit suicide. Aftwards I was on various meds that I didn’t feel I needed, and like you, I still wanted to drink alcohol with friends. As ive gotten older , I lead a pretty normal life, married with 2 daughters, but I’ve been noticed in the past few years i have these changes, they come on slowly and how ever I’m feeling bad or great, extremely tired or wired up, extremely sexually active( with my husband) or really creative, I know it will change. I didn’t realize some if these things were symptoms of bipolar until I watched your video, married with bipolar! I’ve seen the light! So to speak, thank you for putting this out there for people like me. Your so lucky your husband’s supports and understands you the way he does.

    1. It absolutely warms my heart to know that I’ve helped in anyway for someone to see the light 😉 it can be very confusing when it all happens. I’m always wondering, is this me or my bipolar? A continuous journey I suppose! Much love to you!

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