Bipolar: Bitter or Better?

4ADC219B-4758-429A-831F-F69D1266F065Bipolar can feel awfully uncontrollable at times that it is easy to buy into the idea that we are victims. After all, we had no choice in the matter.

“I did not do anything to deserve bipolar.” “It’s not fair I have to deal with bipolar for the rest of my life.” “I hate having bipolar!”

More than likely we have all thought these thoughts, myself included. However, I do not believe it is wise to allow ourselves to continue in this headspace of self-loathing. There comes a point where we have to make a choice. Will I become bitter about my bipolar? Or will I become better because of my bipolar?

And that my friends, is a CHOICE that we DO get to make. You have the power. You have the control. And I think that feels good. Choose wisely.

4 thoughts on “Bipolar: Bitter or Better?

  1. You are so helpful to me. Thank you so much to sharing your experiences. I’m only 15, and the only person in my family struggling with this. Your blog has actually helped me a lot. I feel less alone. So blogs like these really help me to not feel so alone.

    1. I am so glad that I can be of any help to you. It can feel very lonely when others surrounding us do not have the same struggles. But know that you are so far from alone!

    1. Hang in there Alison. Cut up or hide your credit cards during manic phases because that’s some of the most lasting damage you can do… And remember that eventually depression is around the corner, so consider medication for mood stabilization before that happens. A great psychiatrist is a godsend!

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