Spend Your Time on Negative Thoughts and You Will Become Them

BB2DDE94-3EA3-4FFD-B012-88DC3B1E27E3This week I have been happily surprised by the impact three very small changes have had on my mood. Perhaps you would like to give them a go yourself.

1. Setting aside time for uplifting reading

2. Completing a 5-10 minute meditation once (or more if needed) daily. This was very hard at first, but is slowly getting easier.

3. Making a conscious effort to recognize my negative thinking patterns to train myself to replace with positive thinking.

This is work that has been well worth it.

I will be writing about more “positive thinking” topics for the next while, to see how they affect not only my mood but yours as well. Kind of a little experiment. My hope is that both you and I will be uplifted.

After all, our minds become what we spend our time on.


2 thoughts on “Spend Your Time on Negative Thoughts and You Will Become Them

  1. Thank you for your input.
    I have found when I have those moments of negative thoughts, if I remove myself (if around others) and log what I’m thinking, then, TRY to let it go til later, when I go back to use it, send it, whatever, rethink it, I usually see how hateful I was. Whether true or not, it will hurt another.
    I want my family to think like I do, especially when I’m manic and they are not like me. I am learning, slowly.

  2. Okay, so I agree with you on principals, but what do you do when you try to think positively, but the thoughts in your head are stronger? How do you fight the negativity that is so overwhelming that they replace any positivity?

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