No Wonder You Are Depressed, Your Life Is Boring

1A72FEAC-6E6C-465C-96B0-309644878C3DMy psychologist looked up from behind his glasses that rest on the tip of his nose and very seriously said “no wonder you are depressed, your life is boring.” Say what?!

At the time, I was a stay-at-home mom to my newborn and 3 & 5 year olds. Not sure what more he thought I should be doing to lead a more action-packed life! Perhaps there was a grain of truth to what he said. I was not doing things like traveling or skydiving that would bring excitement to my life, but my life was by no means boring!

Just wanted to throw this example out there to explain why I say so often to keep looking for a psychologist/counselor you really trust and click with. Someone you feel you can talk with as a friend, without judgement. Also, just because someone has ‘Dr.’ in front of their name does not mean they are right, follow your gut instinct. Just like dating, don’t settle for just anyone, or you are wasting your time. That is why he is now my EX therapist. Never give up looking for the right one.

2 thoughts on “No Wonder You Are Depressed, Your Life Is Boring

  1. I am a physician. An allergist; not a psychiatrist. You are absolutely correct. The misperception by the medical community, even the ‘experts’ can be very discouraging. And to whom does one turn?! Trust me ‘compassion ‘ is not a requirement to get ‘doctor’ with your name.

  2. I have a wonderful Psychiatrist whom works with me and I can even text her for quick solutions. We work together on my managing bipolar. For those that do not have this connection, find another doctor. Mine was about my 5th try over much time. A “DO,” medical doctor is good too. They treat the body and the mind as one. I had a “DO,” physician for many years that was incredible. Unfortunately, he left to teach at UCSD.
    I also attend a group on Fridays for all sorts of mental issues. There are usually around 8 – 12 of us some long, like me, some just a short while. It is run by 1 – 2 therapists and these women work with my Dr. in my care. They are phenomenal and I have learned so much.
    For those of you that are thinking, “Yes, but the expense.” My healthcare has a low co-pay for my psychiatrist and my Friday groups cost me “$0.” I cannot stress how much it has helped to listen and share with those worse or better than myself.
    My bipolar bloggers, we must stick together. This illness can be devastating to us and to those near us. However, just as SO BIPOLAR (Unashamed) says, “I have bipolar, but Bipolar DOES NOT HAVE ME!”

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