62F247FA-B6BC-4254-A282-DF3B4F8242D1.jpegMy husband, whom I have lovingly deemed the poster-child for mental health, thinks about things once, makes his decision and confidently moves on. Meanwhile, five hours later, I am still anxiously figuring out what to do.

Why is this? Why is he able to do what takes me five hours, in one minute? I get that we are all individuals and therefore will handle things differently, but I would like to know how to stop overthinking and move on with life. I feel stuck. Or am I overthinking this?! Ha! Any of you relate or have advice?

9 thoughts on “Overthinking

  1. For example, I can stand in the laundry detergent aisle and stress about what brand to buy for well over 45 minutes. I fear that there’s a black and white, right and wrong answer to everything I do. No gray. No “It’s really not that big of a deal.” I think what it really comes down to is a fear of letting someone down, whether that’s family, friends, or myself (my harshest critic).

    I find that this is an early warning sign of an impending mood episode. When my decision making is going south, my mood is about to, too.

  2. @Elizabeth B, I think you may have something with the mood episode and overthinking. For me I identify it with the depressive end. As my mind slows down so does the decision making process. Other than that, I’m always slow at decision making. Never wanting to miss out on something is part of it. 2 sides to every story, just like me, ha.

  3. i relate completely. Today, at Walmart I was getting toilet cleaner. Thankfully there were only two different kinds, so I bought both.
    The other thing that I find incredibly difficult with my husband is he can fall asleep in a minute and it takes me 2 – 3 hours of getting my mind to STOP so I can fall asleep, therefore we don’t go to bed together anymore or not very often. Makes me sad.

  4. Yes when it comes to shopping, I worry that I’m going to run out of somethimg. I mostly worry about that because I am on my home-spun schedule,
    Which means no schedule. (sounds fun….But I would much rather be a full functioning active part of society( I hate when people suggest that this would solve my PROBLEM!) anyway I am active at night. Creative ,energetic, self -starter( not a self-finisher) dammit! So I think I’m going to need more of something at night when stores are closed…and I won’t be able to half finish the thing I partially started…. SO I BUY 6 of everything. Good thing I’m very resourceful and don’t require the finer things in life anymore!!! Yes my requirements have changed….ugh

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