Make time to find your “happy place”

How can you go to a “happy place” in your mind when you struggle to remember moments of calm, peace, and happiness? Create a “happy place” today! We MUST take time for ourselves to create these moments because they do not always happen on their own.

Here are some ideas: take a bath with candlelight, pray, meditate (plenty of meditation apps out there!), stretch your body, go for a walk, watch a comedy, smell beautiful oils/perfumes, make love to your spouse, find an app that has soothing backgrounds noises (ie rainfall), listen to soft music, get a massage, cuddle up with a blanket and a warm beverage.

Whatever you choose, fully experience it. If you choose to take a bath, notice how the water feels on your skin, listen to the sound of the water splashing against your body, smell the beautiful scent of the burning candle. In other words, be fully present. Feel the good feelings, allow yourself to enjoy time with yourself. Make a mental effort to give yourself permission to enjoy your atmosphere of peace. It is no longer a luxury, rather a daily necessity. Make it happen, friends!

6 thoughts on “Make time to find your “happy place”

  1. Thank you, I really needed this today. I’ve been struggling to see any light in the world. Thank you for reminding me it really is out there, and I do have some moments that are better than how I’m feeling right now. Which brings hope that I won’t feel like this forever, I will feel better again. ♡

  2. I also needed this today. I went through a manic period in 2017 (off my meds) which has left it’s affects on 2018. I’m back on meds, but still having anxiety everyday, days of depression, then days of functioning. My Dr. told me today that I am cycling. She is adding a new med to help try to balance my mood swings. I am going to quit beating myself up when I’m on the dark side and really try to embrace when I’m not. Each day is a challenge with bipolar. I am fortunate that I have a husband that does his best to help and understand. I am so thankful for your website and for all those that comment. It helps me, as I hope I help others. Blessings to us all.

  3. This post meant a lot to me today, because l’m going through a period where I am feeling down. One of the reasons for this is because my husband and I really want to welcome another child into our family, but with the bipolar medication that I’m on, it doesn’t seem possible. For those of you who are bipolar and have had children despite the illness, what words of wisdom do you have? Were you on any medication during the pregnancy? Did you go off medication before becoming pregnant? How did you make it work?

    1. I have 5 adult children now. I was not on medication when I was pregnant each time because I thought my depression and manic was the rush/sadness of working full time and helping to raise our children. I did have postpartum depression with 3 of my kids, the last one was SEVERE taking 10 months to recover.
      After each pregnancy, I did drink. I thought that helped me with my mood UPS and DOWNS. It didn’t! I was finally diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2011 and put on medications.
      I would recommend you talk to a few Dr’s, i.e., your primary, your psych and OBG. Get their professional opinions.
      I don’t know anything about you, but, maybe there is lots of time to have another child, just not right now. Things change, we change, new meds come out, new techniques, and on it goes…
      At this time, I would not suggest you get off your meds, especially if they are working for you though.
      Don’t loose the faith. Good things are coming your way. :).

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